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What those already using Barristerbase say about it

"I've been using Barristerbase for over 2 years now as I have developed and refined it and it has revolutionised the way I work as a barrister.  I strongly recommend giving it a go."

"Pupillage is described as a steep learning curve, and it is. However, the challenge is not limited to appearing in court but extends to effectively managing cases, chasing information and keeping a precise record of our hard work. With Barristerbase all this was made simple. I could easily keep track of what needed to done on each case so that when I did stand up in court, I knew that the case was properly prepared."

"It’s brilliant. A one stop-shop for managing my whole practice, from deadline and contact details to documents and precedents. It’s got a user-friendly layout and the functions are quick and intuitive."

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