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All About Barristerbase

Barristerbase is a customisable database specially designed by a barrister for barristers to help you keep track of your cases, contacts and everything else that comes with being a barrister. It enables you to take control of your practice and ensure you stay on top of things wherever you are and however busy you get. From records of your cases to electronic storage of your receipts, from client contacts to CPD, whether you are in Chambers or court or working from home, it means you can always have sole and secure access to the information you need from your PC, Mac, desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android tablet or phone.

It is easy to get started by just entering the name of a case and from there you can add as much or as little detail as you need. Your practice is unique to you and you can customise most options to suit you and your cases. You can list the names and details of people involved in it like your instructing solicitor, your opponent, your judge, making it easy to see who is involved and to be reminded of that in the future.

You can keep track of developments in each case by entering hearings, deadlines, conferences and as well as notes or reminders of . Documents relating to the case, or to a particular hearing, can be added as well as details of expenses and copies of receipts. You can also use timers to keep track of billing time, keep timesheets of work done. It is easy to export billing and expense details to your clerk and accountant.

The homepage has upcoming hearings, deadlines, conferences etc from all of your different cases, and shows you how many days left until each of them. It also lists cases and people you’ve viewed recently to make it easy to find them again.

The contacts part of the database makes it easy to access phone numbers, email addresses and other contact details. With one click or tap you can then call them, send an email, view their webpage, see their location on your maps app and even view their tweets. The ‘list checker’ features enables you to take a long list of people, such as those attending a conference or dinner, and see with a single click which names are already known to you.

The search box means you can quickly find the case or person you need and you can list your cases and contacts in whichever way you like, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

It also includes an electronic briefcase which enables you to store documents in the same way as your desktop computer, with unlimited folders and sub-folders. As with everything else in the database, these are stored securely in the cloud and mean you can access them from any of your devices anywhere. It can also be used as a quick, easy and secure way of transferring a document, e.g. by adding at work and then retrieving it at home.

An important section of the database is dedicated to keeping track of your finances. Organised according to your VAT quarters, it makes it easy to record all relevant information such as income, expenditure, billing, and expense receipts, and provide the same to your clerks and accountant. You can monitor your earnings and outgoings, as well as your aged debt, and keep an eye on trends by comparing these figures to those for preceding quarters. It also helps you to keep up to date with your tax liability and to ensure you have sufficient reserves to pay your tax bills.

The library section enables you to store a whole range of documents securely and conveniently online. The regulatory section enables storage of documents such as your practising certificate, professional insurance, data protection registration and CPD records as well as the details you need for renewal each year. Chambers documents, details of online subscriptions such as Westlaw and LexisNexis, case authorities and any other type of document can easily be stored, labelled and retrieved.

The database has been built using Filemaker by developers who are expert with that software. Filemaker is owned by Apple and is constantly being improved and upgraded. Lots more additional and exciting features are planned to be added over the coming months!

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