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Barristerbase is a brand new piece of specialist software designed by a barrister for use by barristers.

Most existing diary management software is inadequate for barristers as it is designed primarily for clerks and marketing staff and/or based on old or out-of-date software. Barristerbase was created to remedy this - it is unique because it has been developed with the needs of individual barristers in mind.

It is built using Filemaker (currently rebranding as Claris), a specialist software owned by Apple that enables the creation of customised apps for businesses. This software is fully compatible with all main types of computer giving full access from you PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android device.

Your database will be hosted on specialist servers located in the UK and is entirely personal to you, meaning you can store whatever details and information you like and only you will ever have access to it.

Put simply Barristerbase enables you to track and control your practice in the way you want to.  It has a huge range of features designed with the everyday needs of barristers in mind and brings them all together in one place.

Some features are designed to help with day-to-day matters such as: upcoming deadlines, client contact details, timing and billing work, drafting documents, mapping your route to court or conference, photographing and storing your train ticket.

Others enable you to look back and monitor your practice development such as: analysis of cases and clients, tracking income, expenditure, aged debt and tax liability, recall names and details of people you did a particular case with, exporting details (e.g. to your accountant).

It also functions as a secure and convenient document repository, enabling you to store key documents related to your practice (e.g. practising certificate, insurance certificate and information, CPD record etc.) or any of your cases.

If you are very organised and don't need any help with any of this then congratulations.  For the rest of us, Barristerbase is here to help.

Barristerbase is built using Filemaker, which is owned by Apple and takes security very seriously.  It uses AES 256-bit encryption for all data.  You can read more about its security features at

Your database will be hosted by a company based in the UK which also takes data security very seriously - see their webpage here.

Nobody can guarantee this but Barristerbase is built with Filemaker software which is owned by Apple and constantly being improved and updated with a new version released every year or so.

In August 2019 Filemaker announced it was rebranding as Claris (its original name in the 1980s) and was aiming to expand significantly.

Being based on this software means that Barristerbase can also be updated and improved regularly and incorporate all of the latest developments in database technology.

The Code of Conduct requires barristers to keep a case record in respect of all public access cases. Barristerbase provides an easy and convenient way of complying with this requirement.

Every barrister develops their own way of working - if from the very start you get into the habit of keeping track of your cases and clients and being in control of your practice , that will stay with you throughout your career.

Also when you are starting out and are unknown, being able to keep track of the contacts you make is particularly important.  The associate you do a small case with in your first year could in ten years' time be the partner who instructs you on something much bigger.

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